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Welcome to The ProTag Website

The ProTag testing and tagging equipment website is Australia's leading supplier of AS/NZS3760 appliance testing, test tag printing and asset management systems. From low cost manual testers and affordable logging systems, through to Australia's most advanced system, the ProTag Elite. 

The ProTag website offers test and tag equipment to suit every budget, combined with after sales support, on-site training, calibration services and technical expertise in testing and tagging since 1991.

For a quick ProTag Systems Overview and Comparison Chart, click here: ProTag Overview

Basic Appliance Testers & Test Tags

PrimeTest 125

Basic Appliance Tester
Only $599 ex GST

PAC3760 DL

Logging Appliance Tester
Only $949 ex GST

PrimeTest 300

With PATGuard PRO Software
Only $2,299 ex GST

Test Tags & Logbook

100 Tags Per Pack
Only $29 ex GST

Affordable Logging Appliance Testers & Tag Printers


Lowest Cost Logging & Tag Printing
Only $1,899 ex GST

ProTag Optima II PRO

Professional System with Asset Management
Only $3,999 ex GST

Optima Test Tags

Thermal Direct Rolls of 250 Test Tags
Only $29 each ex GST

Advanced Logging Appliance Tester & Tag Printer

NEW PrimeTest Elite

World's Most Advanced Tester
Only $3,199 ex GST

NEW ProTag Elite

Advanced Testing & Tag Printing System
Only $7,546 ex GST

Elite Test Tags

Thermal Transfer Rolls of 250 Test Tags
Only $32 ex GST

Elite Ribbon

Resin Ribbon for Elite Printer
Only $36 ex GST

3 Phase Testers & Adaptors


Stand-Alone 3 Phase Appliance Tester
Only $1,299 ex GST


Adaptor for PrimeTest Elite & PAC3760
Only $1,099 ex GST

TPI Series

Use With Any Appliance Tester
Only $149 ex GST


ProTag Test Tags & Ribbon - Supernova-XE Type

ProTag Test Tags

Thermal Transfer Rolls of 500 Test Tags
Only $52 ex GST

ProTag Resin Ribbon

Resin Ribbon for ProTag Printer
Only $79 ex GST

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