Seaward PrimeTest 125 EL, PAC3760 DL & PrimeTest 300 Appliance Testers

If the testing and tagging volume is not so high as to warrant an automated system, or if the user's requirements are such that manually handwriting test tags or log books is acceptable, then a basic tester can be sufficient in these circumstances.

The Seaward range covers the PrimeTest 125 EL basic appliance tester with Class I and Class II and power-up/leakage testing, PAC3760 DL and PrimeTest 300 appliance testers with Class I, Class II, leakage current test, RCD test and optional 3 phase testing.

Emona also offers the optional PAC-TPL for leakage testing of 3 phase appliances and extension leads with the PAC3760 DL. The PAC-TPL offers a safe solution and eliminate the need for less practical methods such as dismantling appliance plugs and using a clamp meter or using three phase cable adaptors with an exposed earth.

Seaward PrimeTest 125 EL

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Australia's lowest cost and easiest to use appliance tester with power-up/leakage testing!

Simple select one of 3 push buttons, for Class I test, Class II test and Leakage. The unit also includes a mains voltage outlet voltage check to ensure socket outlet safety.Test your Class I & II appliances, extension leads and powerboards with speed and confidence.

  • Single push button operation
  • Battery powered
  • Pass/Fail indication and actual readings
  • Test sequences for faster testing
  • Class I and Class II testing
  • Leakage Current testing
  • Tests leads and powerboards
  • Mains outlet check

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Seaward PAC3760 DL

Only $1049 EX GST Buy Now

Australia's Lowest Cost Logging Appliance & RCD Tester!

Australia’s most popular and easiest to use appliance tester now includes even more useful features including data logging of results and optional tag printer.

  • Single push button operation
  • Battery & mains powered
  • Pass/Fail indication and actual readings
  • Test sequences for faster testing
  • Class I and Class II testing
  • Class I and Class II Leakage testing
  • 10mA and 30mA portable and fixed RCD trip time tests
  • In-built isolation transformer
  • Stores 999 test results and downloads CSV file
  • "Plug N Print" test tag printing - optional PAC-OPT test tag printer
  • 3 Phase leakage test - optional 3 phase adaptor required

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ProTag PT300 PRO

Only $2,299  EX GST Buy Now

The PrimeTest 300 is an affordable, entry level system for users looking at logging appliance and RCD testing systems bundled with reporting software. Ideal for small to medium size organisations or service providers starting out, the PT300 PRO System offers the best price to performance.

  • Handheld PT300 Appliance & RCD Tester Weighs Only 950g
  • Integrated Keypad for Faster Data Entry - No tablet required for data entry
  • Battery Powered for Greater Portability & Flexibility
  • Bluetooth Technology for Faster PC Download
  • Professional Level PATGuard PRO Software with Full Asset Test History

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ProTag PAC-TPL 3 Phase Leakage Adaptor

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The ProTag PAC-TPL 3 phase leakage adaptor provides users of the Seaward PAC3760 DL with the capability of powering up 10A, 16A, 20A and 32A appliances and carrying out a leakage current test.

The test results are displayed on the PAC3760 DL unit, with both the actual reading and a Pass/Fail display.


  • Earth Continuity see PAC3760 Test Instrument specification
  • Test Voltage 3 phase supply voltage
  • Test Duration continuous
  • Display Range 0.15mA to 9.99mA
  • Measurement Range 0.25mA to 9.99mA
  • Accuracy +(5% + 2 digits)
  • Frequency Response 50Hz
  • Pass Value 5mA

Test Tags Pack of 100

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Test Tag Features:

  • Adhesive backed high quality vinyl material
  • With clear laminated layer of heavy duty polypropylene for written data area
  • Adhesive backed high quality vinyl material
  • After writing test info, backing paper is easily peeled off the laminate layer to fully seal the written information
  • Guarantees a weather and tamper proof data area
  • Available in: Red, Blue, Orange, Green, White, Yellow and Mixed (4 Test Colours). 100 tags per pack.
  • Supplied with permanent marker pen
  • Custom tags with your logo available, minimum order 2,000 tags.

Log Books

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Log Book Description:

Log Books are designed for easy recording of test results. Plastic covered for extra protection, they feature 100 pages for recording details of appliances and test results.