ProTag Systems Overview

The ProTag Systems are available in various configurations, depending on your application environment, budget and management requirements.

Typically systems are purchased as a complete package, but each component can also be purchased separately so systems can be built up over time.

The core components of each system are:

  • an automated portable appliance tester with memory for logging test results
  • software for downloading test results, reporting for logbook and asset management purposes
  • barcode scanner for rapid data entry on the tester such as asset description, make, model, serial number, comments, asset site and asset location
  • test tag printer for on-site printing of durable and customised test tags

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ProTag DL Australia's Best Value Basic Logging & Tag Printing

Only $1,999 EX GST Buy Now

The Seaward PAC3760 DL is based on the PAC3760 series, Australia's most popular and easiest to use appliance testers. The PAC3760 DL includes download of test results to any spreadsheet or database program - no special software required!

The PAC-OPT's unique "Plug N Print" operation simply requires connection to the PAC3760 DL via serial cable, conduct your test and press the print button to output your test tag. No time consuming logo set-up required as the PAC-OPT prints a generic test tag.

PROTAG DL System Features

  • Single push button operation
  • Battery & mains powered
  • Pass/Fail indication and actual readings
  • Senses an IEC or extension lead and conducts a polarity test
  • Detects if the appliance under test is not switched "On"
  • 10mA & 30mA portable and fixed RCD trip time tests
  • In-Built isolation transformer
  • Stores 999 test results and downloads CSV file
  • "Plug N Print" test tag printing with PAC-OPT test tag printer
  • 3 phase leakage test - optional 3 phase adaptor required

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Professional ProTag Optima II PRO System

Only $3,999 EX GST Buy Now

The ProTag Optima System is Australia’s most affordable and truly portable appliance and RCD testing, tag printing and record keeping system.

  • Seaward PrimeTest 300, Optima II Printer & PATGuard PRO Software
  • Appliance & RCD Testing, Tag Printing and Data Logging of Inspections
  • No Interface Cables - Wireless Connections Using Bluetooth Technology
  • Light Weight - Complete System Weighs Around 2kg
  • Battery Powered - For Maximum Mobility
  • Optional BCS-OPT Bar Code Scanner

The Optima System is a next generation solution that combines the latest handheld instrument and wireless communications technology to provide the ultimate in portability and eliminating the need for tablets for data entry and connection cables between the appliance tester and tag printer.

A unique feature of the Primetest 300 is that it also operates as a handheld data logging device by recording any type of test, inspection or risk assessment with user defined inspection routines and an in-built library of measurement and engineering units for recording actual results. This eliminates the need for a PDA or laptop for recording the results of various inspections and risk assessments, from microwave oven leakage and emergency lighting through to thermal surveys of switchboards.

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Advanced ProTag Elite System

Seaward Elite Tester From $3,199 EX GST

PrimeTest Elite Tester Buy Now

ProTag Elite System Buy Now

ProTag Elite System: test portable appliances & RCDs, take asset photos, print UV/heat resistant test tags and download test and asset inspection results to PATGuard Elite management software.

Australia's most advanced testing, tag printing and asset management system. The system of choice for high volume applications and service providers requiring maximum throughput and test result accountability.

The ProTag Elite System comprises of:

  • PrimeTest Elite Appliance & RCD Tester
  • ProTag PRO-XL UV/Heat Resistant Test Tag Printer
  • BCS-BT Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
  • PATGuard Elite 3 Asset Management System Software
  • ELT-CASE Professional Transit Carry Case
  • On-Site User Training (subject to conditions)

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PrimeTest Elite Tester

Advanced features

  • High Definition Colour Display
  • QWERTY Keypad
  • In-Built Camera with Flash
  • USB for Data Up/Down Load
  • In-Built Isolation Transformer
  • Huge On-Board Memory: 50,000 assets and 2,000 asset photos
  • Optional PATGuard Elite Asset Management Software
  • Optional Data Logging of 3 Phase Leakage Tests Using PAC-TPL Adaptor

Display High resolution colour LCD
Indication PASS/FAIL and measurement values
Operation QWERTY keypad

Test Range 500V DC, 1Mohm at rated mains supply
Pass Level 1Mohm

Test Current 200mA AC
Pass Level 1ohm

Output Voltage 240V AC
Pass Level Class I 5mA, Class II 1mA

Output Voltage 240V AC
Pass Level Class I 5mA, Class II 1mA

Pass Level 1mA

Pass Indication live/neutral open circuit, short circuit & crossed

Test Current 30mA sinusoidal, starting on a zero crossing at 0o - 180o
Pass Level 300ms

Memory 50,000 assets, 2,000 photos
Data Logging User defined inspection routines with library of measurement units for actual results recording
Accessories earth bond clip, IEC adaptor
Interface Bluetooth to peripherals, USB for data download
Power Source Mains or battery


ProTag PRO-XL Tag Printer

The Protag XL printer utilises thermal direct printing technology. Users can choose between OPTIMA test tags for general indoor and outdoor use and XL test tags. XL tags are ideal for all harsh environments, including permanent outdoor exposure to UV and heat, and demanding indoor applications such as commercial kitchens.

Print Method Thermal direct
Resolution 203dpi
Power Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Enclosure Drop resistant
Weight 790 g


BCS-BT Barcode Scanner

Non contact scanner for rapid entry of appliance numbers, descriptions and comments.
The bar code scanner frees the operator from typing in the appliance number prior to each test. Simply swipe the appliance number bar code.

Power 2 x AA, approx 30 days use
Enclosure Drop resistance to 1.2m


PATGuard Elite 3 Asset Management Software

Seaward's PATGuard Elite 3 takes a significant leap in electrical safety management software. Its unique "Drag and Drop" presentation makes the software intuitive and very easy to use. PATGuard both uploads and downloads appliance information and test results. Also sends automatic email alerts with the option of including a quotation.

Users have a complete visual overview of all appliances in terms of locations and test status. Appliances are simply dragged and dropped from one location to another. Repeat testing requirements are easily displayed allowing scheduling of tests to be conveniently managed and uploaded into the appliance tester. 

Reports View, Print, Save as File, e-mail, Bar Code Reports, Bar Code Labels, Customised Reports
Viewer Program free distribution
Features Set-Up Wizard, Manual Result Input, Result Upload Facility, Asset Grouping, Automatic Record Generation, Re-test Scheduling, Data Import, Data Export, Multi User
Platform Win XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8