RCD Testers & Isolation Transformer

RCD testing is an important and sometimes neglected aspect of AS/NZS3760:2003. Regular testing of fixed and portable RCDs is required to ensure their operation should leakage to earth occur in the workplace.

The MI 3122 is Australia’s fully compliant RCD tester meeting all of the requirements of AS3760 & AS3190, as well as providing test result logging. From the trip time accuracy of +2.5% to the test current accuracy of +5%, the MI 3122 has been designed and built from the ground up to comply to all the mandatory Australian RCD tester requirements.

The SEW 4112EL is a low cost RCD tester, suitable for all general RCD testing and RCD testing in AS/NZS3760 applications.

Also available is the PRO-ITX Isolation Transformer for testing portable RCDs.

SEW 4112EL

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The 4112EL is a basic, manually operated RCD tester that measures trip time, ensuring that users meet the obligations of AS3760 RCD testing.

  • Trip Current Setting (includes) 10/30/100/300/500mA
  • Phase Angle 00 & 1800
  • Trip & Phase Polarity Indicator
  • Wiring Polarity Indicator
  • Timer Resolution 1mS
  • Current Accuracy % proportion to V
  • Over Temperature Indication.

Metrel MI-3122

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The Metrel MI-3122 verifies that RCDs operate in accordance with all of the mandatory requirements of AS3760 and AS3190. It is capable of testing any RCD incorporated in either portable equipment or in fixed wiring installations, and logging results for later recall.

MI-3122 RCD Tester Features:

  • Fast testing of 10, 30, 100, 300, 500, 1000mA RCDs both standard (I, II, III) and selective (IV) AC types.
  • Applies a sinusoidal trip current which is capable of tripping RCDs that cheaper testers cannot
  • Selectable phase angle 0o (positive) and 180o (negative)
  • Measures RCD trip time in the range of 0 - 300ms with accuracy of +2.5%
  • Measures RCD trip current with high resolution test ramp and accuracy of +5%
  • 50%, 100%, 200% and 500% nominal test current for all ranges provided
  • Measures AC RMS phase voltage between 0V - 470V AC
  • Measures line frequency between 20Hz - 65Hz
  • 1000 test result memory logging
  • Supplied with mains lead
  • Optional Universal Test Cable for connecting to and testing RCDs directly at the switchboard
  • Optional SmartLink results download software

Emona PRO-ITX Isolation Transformer

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Have you had problems testing portable RCDs because you keep tripping the RCD on the main switchboard?

Then you need an isolation transformer. An isolation transformer is used for testing portable RCDs. It enables service providers to trip a portable RCD without tripping the main switchboard RCD’s.

Emona’s PRO-ITX Isolation Transformer is unique in that it allows 30mA *2 or *5 current tests which are called for in certain parts of AS3760 and AS3190 The PRO-ITX is the best choice to meet Australian Standards and compliments Emona’s MI2121-AUS tester.

The PRO-ITX is also thermally protected from overload short circuit currents, comes with a 1.5m long mains lead and integral handle.

To use simply plug PRO-ITX into mains power outlet, plug the portable RCD under test into PRO-ITX, connect RCD tester to portable RCD under test and test the RCD.